Friday, April 20, 2007

Fighting Dogs-2005 Summer Tour Pre-Release CD

Fucking brutal crusty-hardcore-punk out of Philly and Baltimore. Fighting Dogs bring a heavy and intense technical hardcore to the punks. Trade-off female and male vocals round out the sound (and both are super-interesting and original) that is carried by the constantly chugging strings backed by a solid and interesting drummer--then all the sudden there are crazy leads out of nowhere. I love this fucking EP-CD...check this band out if you can, you'll love yourself for doing it. Cut off all of your sleeves, throw away all your shirts that aren't black, get out your sewing machines and taper your jeans, Fighting Dogs is coming!

Graves at Sea/Asunder split CD

This is a beautiful mix of sludge and doom on one disc. Graves at Sea starts off the album with 2 tracks of brutal destruction coming in on around 22:00 minutes total. Brutal funky beats that basically epitomize contemporary sludge. "Pariah" starts out with crazy vocals and great sounding heavy drums and guitars, then switches to a 'witch' sounding vocal that startles and amazes as the song moves along the stoner-sludge riffage. I love this fucking track. "Reclamation" keeps the momentum going. It is another great sludge song chock-full-o-riffage that makes me want to start a band tomorrow. This song starts off with more brutal riffage and vocals, and stays pretty slow, then works into some breakdown parts, and works back and forth between those 2 contexts. It's a great follow up to "Pariah".

Asunder keeps it classic with a doom metal track called "Whited Sepulcher". Clocking in at one second shy of 19:00 minutes this track will fulfill every doomy intuition you've ever had. There are some seriously sick funk riffs at times...I love them, mixed with your favorite (doom) metal methods.

As a whole I love Graves at Sea, and respect Asunder for what they're doing...but can't get into the music that Asunder is making as much as I can for Graves at Sea. Check out this split, it's worth your time.

Graves at Sea myspace
Asunder myspace