Friday, April 20, 2007

Graves at Sea/Asunder split CD

This is a beautiful mix of sludge and doom on one disc. Graves at Sea starts off the album with 2 tracks of brutal destruction coming in on around 22:00 minutes total. Brutal funky beats that basically epitomize contemporary sludge. "Pariah" starts out with crazy vocals and great sounding heavy drums and guitars, then switches to a 'witch' sounding vocal that startles and amazes as the song moves along the stoner-sludge riffage. I love this fucking track. "Reclamation" keeps the momentum going. It is another great sludge song chock-full-o-riffage that makes me want to start a band tomorrow. This song starts off with more brutal riffage and vocals, and stays pretty slow, then works into some breakdown parts, and works back and forth between those 2 contexts. It's a great follow up to "Pariah".

Asunder keeps it classic with a doom metal track called "Whited Sepulcher". Clocking in at one second shy of 19:00 minutes this track will fulfill every doomy intuition you've ever had. There are some seriously sick funk riffs at times...I love them, mixed with your favorite (doom) metal methods.

As a whole I love Graves at Sea, and respect Asunder for what they're doing...but can't get into the music that Asunder is making as much as I can for Graves at Sea. Check out this split, it's worth your time.

Graves at Sea myspace
Asunder myspace


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