Friday, July 24, 2009

1-800 Back in blogger land dot com

I've been feeling really lazy, and have been so tied up in job and in the music scene that I haven't really done much writing or written reflection or anything like that. So here's a shot at restarting this.
I've noticed that working full-time, having a band, and booking/promoting shows pretty much eats up an entire life. I definitely miss the grad-school days where I just had to be a student, barely worked, and had plenty of free time for side-projects and taking care of myself and my house. Now I only really have a couple free hours a day to try and feed myself, hang out, and clean...lame...but I'm partially paying for the mistake of not working much during grad-school. Hopefully I get into a PhD program--though that would be the same as a full-time job, but actually be somewhat fulfilling.

I have decided not to attend my 10 year high school reunion. After deliberating with a few friends who thought I was ridiculous for even considering it, I agreed and got drunk @ the Gypsy Hut instead of ordering a ticket. It made me kind of reflect on that time in my life, and I realized a few simple things when I looked at the list of people that were going.
-I don't really know many people from high school that I ever pursued a relationship past acquaintance.
-I counted the days until graduation.
-I do not miss high school at all, and don't regret missing my prom or homecoming dances.
-Anyone I did want to maintain a relationship with I still have contact with, and for the few I have a slight curiosity about aren't going to the reunion anyway...probably because they care about it about as much as I do.

I also never get 2 weekend days off in a row on a weekend, so I'm going to go actually have fun somewhere besides Cincinnati!!!
I feel bad, because I like the organizers, and want their even to succeed, but I have good friends that run punk shows around town that I don't even make it to, and I have a greater vested interest in doing that moreso than anything affiliated with the horror that is the high school experience.
Besides, I'm a city guy--I've been like that my entire life. I need an inherently social atmosphere in my environment, if there's a party in the 'burbs and it's not at my parents' house, chances are I won't be there.